CIS helps you in leveraging SAP solutions to meet your business requirements and achieve optimum benefits from SAP implementation for Current business environment with its dynamic and highly unpredictable nature is throwing up a whole new set of challenges and opportunities, Organizations that invest in SAP look to optimize their operations, streamline business processes, integrate disparate systems, and utilize best-of-breed technology to get ahead of their competition.

Student Life Cycle

SAP for Higher Education & Research is helping colleges, universities, and research institutions deliver exceptional services to students and employees. It can help you streamline business processes so that you can control the important bottom line. Students are the center of each institution of Higher Education. Managing students’ records, student accounts with fees and financial aid, academic achievements throughout the complete student’s life cycle as well as supporting faculties in student advisement, defining and offering their programs and classes, and grading the students in an integrated and highly collaborative way is core to being successful with the mission of higher education.

SAP ECC (IS Module) Student life cycle Modules provide methods and tools to enable the effective business solutions to Education institution. SLCM can provide

  • Student Admission Management
  • Academic Calendar
  • Event Management - Timetable
  • Assessment Management – Examination, Grading & Progression
  • Student Accounting
  • Service Delivery through Student Portal – SSS, Advisor services, ESS & MSS


Ascending competition changes the business success criteria each passing day. In order to keep it competitive in the global market, companies need to permanently provide quality everywhere and in every condition; products and services should be penetrated to every location customers and consumers demand. These new business rules requiring unlimited mobility also impact information technology, thus the importance of CIS Mobile Solutions increases with each passing day.

CIS, bringing experience and knowledge in many different industries into implementations of superior software applications, has been developing SAP integrated mobile applications. The company has developed innovative and detailed solutions in the area of mobile services combining application consulting and industry experience with technology skills.

Tracking functions have been established in the food sector. Labeling materials containing all the details of the parties; real-time and detailed data entry regarding consumption of procured and produced materials in the production process is provided through reading barcode labels. Processes that support tracking of serial numbers have been established in the automotive industry. Related to vehicle manufacturing and production, all warehouse and production activities are handled via mobile hand held terminals; which led to real-time data entry and accuracy has been achieved. Tracking the status of each vehicle and used part and in the production process is possible. 100% traceability and monitoring are provided via real-time data entry and accuracy via reading bar codes put on the produced parts/ products during production and dropped off from the finished product. Seamless packaging of multiple products is achieved via hand held terminals in the furniture sector. As a result, product integrity is ensured for all stock movements and movement of missing, wrong or too many materials could be eliminated.

In textile industry, follow-up of alternative unit of measurement and basic unit of measurement for produced materials are provided depending on the materials features. In warehouse management, addressing activities are carried out for fast consumed products by mobile applications. Stock movements are also operated via CIS mobile solutions. Usage of mobile solutions for census, goods receiving, operations between warehouses and delivery processes enabled advantages like real-time data entry, data accuracy and 100% monitoring possibility.

Below are the examples for CIS Mobile Solutions' benefits:

  • Reliable Data: Forms used in the classical methods are eliminated. Errors that appear during data entry after completion of operations are prevented.
  • Mobility: Data input is provided at the same time and place, an activity is executed.
  • Cost: As the data is entered into the system by the same employee who executes the operation, the need and efforts of additional human resources for data entry, control and correction procedures are decremented.
  • Real-time Data Entry: As information about the activities are entered and processed in the system as soon as the operations are carried out, real-time follow up and monitoring of these processes are possible.


At CIS we have a talented workforce in the NetWeaver based technologies. Powered by our flexible engagement models with offshore capabilities, we offer high-quality, cost-effective, competitive solutions in NetWeaver technology.

SAP NetWeaver is a web-based, open integration and application platform that serves as the foundation for service-oriented architecture (SOA) and allows the integration and alignment of people, information, and business processes across business and technology boundaries.

SAP NetWeaver Portal Service Offerings include

  • Enterprise portal architecture design and implementation
  • Portal interface development, personalization and customization
  • Portal integration with the backend systems
  • Single sign-on, search, analytics, personalization and collaboration
  • Portal maintenance and support

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