Our Service consists of CIS Professional Services, partner firms, and large system integrators. Our highly trained and experienced resources collaborates across the SAP in order to consistently and successfully deploy CIS to all customers.

CIS helps you in leveraging SAP solutions to meet your business requirements and achieve optimum benefits from SAP implementation with its dynamic and highly unpredictable nature is throwing up a whole new set of challenges and opportunities.

The technology involved with the transmission and storage of information, especially the development, installation, implementation, and management of computer systems within companies, universities, and other organizations.

Who we are

CIS's value proposition is to help companies who have committed to shared services, outsourcing, or off-shoring initiatives achieve their strategic and financial objectives by supplementing their time with industry experts who have worked for many of the world's leading outsourcing companies.

CIS is experienced in executing the extension of your company's key business processes. Our practitioners are results oriented, solution agnostic, and will work with your company's existing human assets, outsource providers and technology to achieve your objectives.

What we do

  • Human Capital Management
  • Student Lifecycle Management
  • Financial Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Change Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Procurement Management
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Employee Expense Management
  • Human Resource Management

Life @ CIS

Do you believe every business has the right to excel? Do you enjoy partnering with companies to elevate them to new levels of success? Are you ready to Ignite Possible? If so, a career at CIS can provide the challenges you’re looking for. More than a job, life@CIS is about creating one’s self every moment.

We create, we learn, we nurture, we care and we grow. And we grow as a team from the realm of individuality to a group of high achievers that continually strive for excellence together in whatever we do. Yes, Life @ CIS is passion for Success.

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